Table of Contents


"The simplest thing that could possibly work." -- Ward Cunningham, "father" of the first wiki
5 m
Intro and overview of agenda
Participants will have an understanding of the overall agenda and how it was developed.
Google Form results.
Agenda (online)
20 m
Anatomy of a wiki
Hands on exploration of the features of a wiki.
Participants will develop a better understanding of the features and tools on a wiki.
Literacy Network Wiki --
15 m
Ideas/examples of using wikis on campus
Participants will gain some ideas on how wikis can be used professionally on their campuses or in their regions.
List of examples (see below this agenda)
Using wikis in education resources --

30 m
Start your own wiki
Hands on creation of a personal or professional wiki.
Participants will create their own wiki on Wikispaces. -
20 m
Google Docs for better collaboration
Lecture and hands on creation of a Google Docs account. Collaborative editing of a shared Google Doc.

Go to and create an account. Use your HISD email unless you already have a Gmail account.

Participants will create their own Google Docs account and experience synchronous online collaboration with an example shared document.
Google Docs --

Google Docs in Plain English video

Shared Google Doc --

Google Presentations slideshow -


Literacy Network Wiki --
Wikispaces --
Google Docs --
Using wikis in education resources --


HISD Literacy Network wiki
Wishart Elementary
St. Francis Xavier Community School
Westwood Technology Plan
Example of a wiki used to develop and share a school's technology plan.
Westlake PTO
Wiki used by an Austin school PTO.
This wiki is an extension of the Navigator Project, which brought together Colorado policymakers, educators, and other education stakeholders in June 2007 to build a consensus on 21st century learning
Brush Schools
A "curriculum management system wiki" (Miguel Guhlin)
School staff wiki
(Kelly Christopherson) this is the wiki of our staff where we share information, news, memo information and upcoming events. It has cut down on the number of emails and increased our ability to coordinate events.
Principals of the Future
(Blair Peterson) a wiki with resources for principals of technology-rich schools who wish to be visionaries, change agents, modelers, managers and instructional leaders.
Bering Strait School District Collaborative Curriculum
This is a standards-based, K-12 curriculum built by BSSD's teachers, students and visitors. The wiki has about 10,000 pages currently, and includes over 2,500 resources uploaded. The curriculum is Open Content and in official use.

And even MORE examples here:

Other Potential uses:
  • School Website
  • School Improvement Plan
  • Professional Development Plan
  • Technology Plan
  • Department Collaboration wiki
    • lesson planning
    • curriculum planning
  • Faculty Handbooks
  • Student/Parent Handbooks
  • PTA Website
  • Professional Development planning, documentation, archive
  • Meeting Agendas & Notes (agenda development, agenda posting, note-taking and archiving)
  • Committees
  • Classroom Instruction Handbook
  • Student Leadership
  • Wiki instead of PowerPoint (and handouts) for professional development
  • Wiki instead of chart paper for meetings & workshops
  • Wiki for shared note-taking at conferences
  • Event planning
  • Document business processes
  • Capture pedagogical knowledge of veteran teachers
  • New Teacher Induction wiki (for knowledge sharing and collaborative learning)
  • Data Inventories
  • Instructional Initiatives Inventories