The following documents are to be used for our monthly site visits. Each site visit host should click on each form below to download and make the appropriate number of copies for your visitors.

All sign-in sheets must be faxed back to Tina Angelo after the site visit.

Meeting Notes

On Tuesday, Oct. 28, the Literacy Support Network met for campus site visits. Our next site visit is scheduled for Tuesday, November 11 (host campuses to be announced). Each host followed the same procedure (see attached) to facilitate the site visit. The host campus/coaches included:
Morning Session (9:00-11:00)
· Milby High School (host coach Mary Smith)
· Lee High School (host coach Lindsay Niedergeses)
· Furr High School (host coach Angela Borzon)

Afternoon Session (1:00-3:00)
· Madison High School (host coach Allison McCowan)
· M.C. Williams (host coach Sharon Brown )
· Reagan High School (host coach Alicia McAfee)

This was a mandatory meeting for all 60 literacy coaches. (Only the first Tuesday of the month meetings are mandatory for Literacy Specialists).

76% attendance

NORTH: Rosa Smith-Williams (Washington), Tameika Ashford (Kashmere)
SOUTH: Sonya Thornton (Hartman), Angela Jackson (Dowling)
EAST: Alan Roach (Deady)
WEST: Terri Goodman (Challenge), Jennifer Stephan (International School), Nanette Kerensky (Sharpstown), Deidra Sharkey (Westbury) Gilda Foster (West Briar)
CENTRAL: Sofia D’Arcy (Clifton), Carolyn Thibeaux (Waltrip), Sheila Collins (Gregory-Lincoln), Mary Ridley (Ryan)