Carnegie Literacy - Reading Next & Writing Next (page has links to .pdf files of these two reports)

This contains research based on the Florida's Literacy Program.

List of Cognates

Other Resources


Literacy Coach Clearinghouse

ISTE NETS for Teachers
AT&T Knowledge Network Explorer: 21st Century Literacies Homepage
AT&T 21st Century Literacies Site Map (lists resources such as lesson plans and activities)

Literacy Coach Social Network
A great site to join and network with Literacy Coaches from across the United States. The network page invites you to "Share triumphs and challenges, good ideas, and resources on the Literacy Coach network."

Web 2 That Works Wiki
Wiki that includes Marzano's CITW categories aligned with Web 2.0 tools that support and enhance the effective instructional strategies associated with each category of CITW.

12 Unique Language Reference Tools

Websites that host videos of classroom instruction / instructional strategies

Teacher Tube
Teachers as Trainers is Northwest Ohio HSTW/MMGW classroom literacy demonstration website. It contains video of instructional strategies such as RAFT and the Frayer model at work in the classroom. Viewers can select a strategy and a content area in which to see a demonstration.

Literacy Leads the Way Best Practices websites is a website that allows the user to create customized graphic organizers.

Network Bookmarks (from Diigo Group)

Articles from Professional Periodicals/Journals

Oral-Language Skills for English-Learners Focus of Researchers (Newsweek, October 19, 2009)

Footprints in the Digital Age by Will Richardson

News Articles

Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading? (New York Times, July 27, 2008)
Middle School Reading Coaches Found to Build Teachers Skills (Education Week, September 17, 2008)

Notes from Workshops, Conference Sessions, & Other PD

HISD Leadership Institute, August 2008
Creating Readers for Life
Fixes for Broken Grades
Invitational Education

PowerPoint Presentations



The Schools We Need:


Ivey, Gay, and Douglas Fisher. "When Thinking Skills Trump Reading Skills." Educational Leadership 64.2 (2006): 16-21