On this page you will find various presentations and the handouts/notes that accompany the presentation.

Literacy Lead the Way Refresher Course

Last year we introduced the Literacy Commitments, but this year we want to focus on teachers having a clear understanding of the Literacy Commitments, as well as possessing the ability to implement the LC’s and Best Practices in their classrooms. The PowerPoint and handouts enable teachers to develop a more concrete definition of the LC’s and how implementation would look like in their content area. Particpants will need the Literacy Commitment flipchart.

Brick and Mortar

Every content area possesses content specific vocabulary and incorporates academic vocabulary into their discipline. The PowerPoint and handouts differentiates between the Tiers of Vocabulary and allows participants to experience the six steps of effective vocabulary instruction. To complete the presentation, participants will need the handbook Remove Limits to Learning with Systematic Vocabulary Instruction by McRel. See Tina Angelo or Paula Pierre regarding the McRel Book.

How to Teach Vocabulary

This interactive vocabulary presentation allows participants to experience good vocabulary instruction. It references the tiers of vocabulary, but takes an in-depth look at vocabulary instruction. It was presented during the Nov. 3, 2009 LCN meeting. It takes approximately 3 hours to present.

Discipline Literacy

This presentation deals with discipline specific literacy. It dissects literacy needs into the content areas of science, math, and social studies. The presentation as a whole can take 3 hours. The January 12, 2010 agenda references specifics of the presentations.