What Are Wikis & Why Use One?

Wikis allow for much more efficient communication and collaboration on a wide variety of projects. Rather than using email to develop or share materials, plan meetings & activities, share meeting agendas/notes, and/or share resources & research, we can do all of it in this wiki saving time and email server space. The following graphic and video provide a clear explanation of why wikis work and how to use them:


Getting Started

Step 1: Click on the link to "Join" in the upper right corner of the page.


Step 2: Enter your information in the form provided.


Step 3: If you are not immediately redirected back to this wiki, just navigate back to http://literacyleads.wikispaces.com
Step 4: Please be patient - Stephanie or Paula will receive an email indicating that you have requested to join our wiki and one of us will approve your request as quickly as possible.

Once your request has been approved you are now free to add information to the wiki.

For additional information on how to use a wiki see the HELP section on wikispaces.com.