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Your Thoughts...

About a blog... I think eventually (and with district approval for thepublic one) we could end up with 3 different blogs...
-- blog 1 - a blog written by the three of us to share information & research with the LCs, and to provide them with "probing questions" to guide their work.
-- blog 2 - a group blog written by all of the LCs that they can share with their teachers - would include snippets from research, examples of teaching strategies, etc. (Similar to this one that I used at Waltrip this past year.)
-- blog 3 - a public blog on the Literacy Leads The Way website to share news and information with the general public, parents, and students. As a blog, it would have some interactivity through responses in the comments of each post. This is the only one that I think we would need to get district approval for.

If we couldn't get the public blog approval, could our web site just have a tab specifically for parents and maybe we could create a literacy address on the global address where parents could email us questions to be replied to. (Yes - that could be an option if we can get approval for a blog. - Stephanie)