This page includes the slide presentation, notes, and articles referenced in our presentation. Please feel free to use any information on this page and you may peruse the rest of our site.


Articles and Reserach Used for Presentation

Digital Natives and Immigrants: What Brain Research Tell Us by Nancy K. Herther

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Part 1 by Marc Prensky

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants Part 2: Do They Really Think Differently by Marc Prensky

Listen to the Natives by Marc Prensky

The Seven C's of Learning by Will Richardson

The Importance of Visions for Schools and School Improvement by Leslie Jones

THE NEW Literacy: The 3Rs Evolve into the 4Es by Sara Armstrong and David Warlick

Electronic Resources

http://www.polleverywhere.com/ for polling your audience and getting immediate feedback.

http://todaysmeet.com/ for creating a meeting space where participants can share ideas and commets.